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Goalie Catcher Blocker Features Include Made in Canada

Contoured thumb design to direct pucks to glove pocket
Chaos open palm design for optimal flex and net coverage
Side cheater bar to limit puck skip over
Adjustable wrist and dual internal hand strap system
Preshaped with hinge design palm for quick breakin
Full twopiece backhand padding with high density foam protection
Fingertip deflecting ramp
Curved cuff for added protection wrist room and flexibility
GelTec thermal form padding
Extremely lightweight design

The Flite "Chaos" Goalie Catcher glove design provides for a large open catching area for optimum net coverage. Rebounds are reduced with by contoured design reducing flat areas and directing shots into the pocket. The internal hand and fingers provide for larger hand sizes and improved glove balance. New super deep Tweb curved molded cuff and side cheater bar add to the amount of net coverage. All New GelTec thermal form padding provides increased protection and quicker breakin time.

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Flite Junior Hockey Goalie Catcher

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Hockey Equipment